By examining the digital potential of every project, our digital specialists are able to recommend workflows that deliver robust content for tablets and mobile devices, as well as prepare it for reassembly into entirely new products, whether using standard ePub software or customized software that we develop at GEX.

  • XML, XSL, and HTML5 content tagging
  • Creation of interactive eBooks, ePubs from XML and InDesign, and utilities to convert standard and custom XML formats directly to ePub formats on multiple readers
  • Rich media PDF creation
  • Interactive simulations
  • Interactive multimedia development
  • Content portability for mobile devices

In addition, GEX’s technical specialists can design, code, implement, and support custom software solutions that range in size from mobile apps to campus-wide customized LMS testing systems.

  • XML support, including the development of test plans, troubleshooting, and the creation of code snippets for product development
  • LMS course development
  • Development of software to convert ASCII, PowerMath, or XpressMath to MathML to accommodate math in digital workflows
  • Troubleshooting/testing of client processes and workflows
  • Creation of author templates, including documentation and training, as well as creation of custom applications to convert templates to multiple digital outputs
  • Customer solutions in JAVA, JavaScript, XSLT, CSS3, HTML5, Python, and PHP