GEX, Inc. / Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few of the steps we are taking:

The health and safety of our employees are a top priority. Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) first surfaced, we have been monitoring the situation closely and taking every precaution to keep our building clean and safe.

First, all common areas such as the bathrooms, the lunch room and conference rooms will be wiped down and disinfected daily. Hand rails, light switches, and door handles will be wiped down and disinfected twice a day. Keyboards and desktop surfaces will also be wiped down and disinfected.

We want to make sure that we have meetings only when necessary and that the meetings are held with the fewest possible people. This includes customer meetings. If the customer asks a question that needs to be answered by someone not in attendance, let the customer know that we will get back to them with the answer. If a person has a laptop with a camera, that person could attend from their office if absolutely necessary.

Medical face masks are on order and will be available to those who request them. Remember that face masks are only effective in preventing a person from passing on an illness. They do not prevent you from catching something from another person. We encourage all employees to take common-sense health precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), such as frequent hand washing or using hand sanitizer to stay healthy.

If an employee is sick, that person cannot come to work. If an employee lives with a person who is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, he or she should not come to work. A loaner laptop will be supplied until the shipment of permanent laptops come in.

This year we had planned on converting all desktop computers to laptops so that our staff would have the option of working remotely when necessary. The virus put that plan in high gear. We have ordered laptops for all employees that will be distributed as soon as the laptops are delivered. The problem is that all companies are doing the same thing and we can’t get a firm date on when the laptops will be delivered. All GEX equipment other than employee issued laptops that are taken out of the building must first go through Lisa Fernandez.

All of these safeguards and precautions are being made with employees in mind. They are based on recommendations from local, state, and federal health officials whose experts are working tirelessly to safeguard our health. We will continue to follow guidance from health agencies and government officials to maintain a safe environment.