Content Development

At the heart of our content development services are carefully vetted subject matter experts who are also educators. Their commitment to individualized learning and clear, pedagogically sound instruction results in content that both engages and challenges students.

Content Creation

  • Author original content for core texts and ancillaries, storyboards, online learning tutorials, and scripting for audio and video recording and multimedia assets.
  • Modify and adapt existing content for expanded use in new products, new editions, or international products.
  • Develop content and provide translation services in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.


  • Create both static and algorithmic assessment types to align with learning objectives and depth of knowledge.
  • Create robust feedback that encourages students to apply their knowledge and try again.
  • Create knowledge graphs, perform peer reviews, and develop test plans and personas for systems testing.


GEX has long been exploring methods of bringing equal robust learning experiences to all students.

  • Author and review alternative text.
  • Assess and convert legacy media to compliant formats.
  • Design new content to maximize compatibility.