GEX designs strategic workflows for educational publishing that emphasize innovative digital solutions and pedagogically strong content to position our clients for the technological demands of today and tomorrow.

Leveraging the advantages of interdisciplinary design teams, GEX brings together instructional designers, subject matter experts, developmental editors, and technology specialists in order to deliver powerful content packages that satisfy the needs of a broader range of educators and students.

Content Development

Encompassing all disciplines, including mathematics, science, and engineering, as well as the arts and humanities, GEX creates high-quality educational material. Drawing from years of classroom and online learning experience, our subject matter experts deliver engaging content that uses clear, age-appropriate language for grades K-12 and for higher education. Learn More

Editorial Services

Our enhanced editorial services go far beyond copyediting and proofreading: we are committed to managing the integrity of content from acquisition to delivery. By integrating developmental editors and subject matter experts, we ensure that content is effectively coordinated to course objectives and consistently maintained throughout all phases of a project. Learn More

Project Management

The project managers at GEX understand the changing needs of publishing and the workflows associated with it. This knowledge allows them to set up and track projects in the most efficient way, anticipate potential pitfalls and address them proactively, and keep internal and external team members motivated in order to bring projects to a successful conclusion. Learn More

Instructional Design

Instructional designers at GEX develop courses at the table of contents and learning objectives levels to provide rigorous, well-organized coverage of core concepts. In addition, we author specific learning plans for storyboards, tutorials, animations, and widgets that present clear and in-depth enhancements to the learning process. Learn More

Quality Assurance

GEX is committed to unsurpassed quality and consistency in all deliverables. Quality assurance specialists analyze all processes and workflows to identify critical quality checkpoints, enabling GEX to guarantee market-ready excellence. Learn More


Having been involved with the digitalization of content from its infancy, GEX recognizes that today’s e-learning is just the beginning of endless possibilities for delivering content in the form of customized course offerings, individualized learning maps, and assessments that not only chart progress but also target feedback for intervention and enhancement. Learn More